You loved them last year, so they’re back for you

Hand-made by Vincenzo’s artisan in Brescia (Lombardy).
First quality ingredients together with decades
of experience in Panettone preparation.

Vincenzo’s Panettoni flavours are back by popular demand.
They are three, one per each colour of the Italian flag
in a simple yet, elegant box

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Ginger & Lemon 1kg

Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, candied ginger 15.6%, candid lemon 13%, egg yolk, sugar, water, mother yeast, lemon paste, fresh lemon zest, sea salt, barley malt

This panettone is proud of its main ingredient, the lemon from the Amalfi coast, this unique breed native to this tiny corner of the world. A little ginger will give the panettone that punch and
 spiciness that will make you love each bite of it.


Classico 1kg

Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, raisins, candied oranges, water, sugar, egg yolk, mother yeast, orange paste, acacia honey, candied citron, fresh orange zest, fresh lemon zest, sea salt, barley malt

The original Panettone with its traditional recipe which takes over
two days of preparation. The Italian cult par excellence
with raisins and candied fruits.


Chocolate & Chilli 1kg

Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, chocolate 15% cocoa min 39.1% (sugar, coca paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), candid apples 15% (natural vanilla flavor, glucose, sugar, apple), egg yolk, sugar, motheryeast, anhydrous butter, fresh orange zest, fresh lemon zest, sea salt, chili powder 0.3%, powdered barley malt.

This unique recipe created for Vincenzo’s, made using dark chocolate chips and Italian chilli is a combination to die for. The heat from the chilli provides an irresistible warmth to the panettone and will bring out the taste of each chocolate chip in your mouth.

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