b. Celeriac, potato & black truffle soup (V) 350g

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Soup made on order by the chef

A simple countryside potage made of celeriac and potatoes, with the luxury addition of winter black truffle.

Warming instructions:
Pan: Pour content into a pan and heat up stirring until piping hot.
Microwave: Open lid but leave it leaning on the container. 2 minutes full power should be enough.
Make sure in any case soup is piping hot .

Best with our focaccia to dip in the soup!

2 reviews for b. Celeriac, potato & black truffle soup (V) 350g

  1. Suzie P

    DELICIOUS. So unbelievably good.

  2. Suzie

    FANTASTIC. So delicious. Small portions but a rich soup so ideal .

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