d. Sausage & black cabbage pesto sauce 150g


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Sauce made on order by the chef

Sauce that comes with the gnocchi in the current menu at 500 restaurant.

Italian sausage ragù sauce with the addition of  black cabbage pesto. Like other ragù, no exception for this one where, the sausage cooks for long time. Only once the sausage has taken the tomato sauce flavour and released his to the sauce, some black cabbage pesto is added to the sauce. This will give a darkish colour to the sauce, but also an exceptional taste. Did you know black cabbage is also low in calories and loaded with immune-boosting vitamin C, potassium & calcium?

Portion is of 150g
Cooking instructions:
Pan: Pour in a pan, add little ladle of boiling water used to boil/cook the pasta, and warm up.
Once pasta is cooked, pour the pasta in the pan of the sauce and stir gently.
Microwave: Pour content into a microwavable container. Add little water (about 2 spoons) and microwave full power for 2 minutes.
Add piping hot sauce to the pasta and stir gently.

Serve piping hot adding some grated cheese if requested.


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