a. Scaloppine di vitello con asparagi


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A tender and flavorful main course, Veal scaloppini with fresh green asparagus. Butter, white wine & Grana Padano cheese will produce a sauce that will accompany the veal. This dish will give a touch of elegance to the dinner table.

You will need to warm it up in a pan or in the oven, make sure it is nice and piping hot before serving.

Portion serves one person.

Cooking instructions:
Oven: Pre-heat your oven 200C / Fan 180C / 390F / GAS 6. Leave in oven for 15 minutes.
Pan: pour content into a pan and heat slowly turning from time to time to cook uniformly.
Microwave: place into a plate or microwavable dish and heat for 3 minutes full power.


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