500 Restaurant is a small restaurant. Five people run this little business every day. Here they are:

In the kitchen
Mario Magli | Armando Forgione

On the floor
Giorgio Pili | Tani

Mario Magli
Born in Varese, suburb of Milan, started to work in restaurant kitchen since the young age of 14. In 1997 Mario moved to London for new cooking experiences. He started at "The Neal Street Restaurant", Antonio Carluccio's restaurant.
Three years later he worked for Gennaro Contaldo, at "Passione" restaurant, where he continued to grow and learn on what is for him a passion, and not a job, cooking.
Mario met Jamie Oliver at Passione restaurant, as Gennaro Contaldo and Jamie Oliver are often working together. Mario had the opportunity to work at "15", Jamie Oliver restaurant. Mario will work at 15 for two years, where he will teach Jamie's trainees how to prepare fresh pasta and bread. In 2008, he will open his own restaurant in partnership with Giorgio Pili.
500 Restaurant, named after the Fiat 500, another little passion, will open with Mario's cooking knowledge and experience gained in all these years of hard work among celebrity chefs. Fresh ingredients, bread and pastas prepared on the premises every day will be the key. After few month 500 built already a substantial amount of regular customers. The menu changes about 5 times a year, although Mario needs to keep some dishes coming back regularly as some "signature dishes" will be requested even if they are not on the menu. The most asked for are the "oven baked rabbit", succulently juicy. The "fritto misto", a mixture of fresh seafood and vegetables deep fried. His gnocchi, soft as clouds or the pasta with Italian sausage ragu' or again pasta with slow cooked beef in tomato and red wine sauce are to die for, as some customers say. Not to mention Mario's tiramisu.