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  • Mousse di fagiano al tartufo nero

    Black truffle flavoured pheasant mousse, served with winter mixed salad & grilled slice of bread

    • £ 8.60
  • Carpaccio tiepido di manzo con nocciole

    Warm beef carpaccio, served with hazelnuts, Grana Padano cheese and Celery

    • £ 9.50
  • Burrata d'Andria servita con castagne e corallo verde (v)

    Burrata (creamy center mozzarella) with chestnuts and parsley coral (v)

    • £ 8.50
  • Gamberoni di pistacchi, fritti & serviti con insalatina

    Deep-fried king prawns in pistacchio crust, served with salad of rocket, orange, mandarin and chilli

    • £ 8.90
  • Zuppa di sedano di Verona, patate, timo & tartufo nero (v)

    Thick & velvety soup of celeriac, potatoes, thyme & black truffle (v)

    • £ 7.60
  • Trota di mare marinata, servita con mela verde

    Sea trout lax (home-made marinated sea trout in sugar and salt), served with green apple, ginger and dill

    • £ 8.60


  • Tagliatelle alla polpa di granchio e zucca

    Tagliatelle with crab meat and pumpkin

    • Starter £9.80 Main £ 13.90
  • Strozzapreti al ragu' di manzo*

    Curly sheets of pasta (fusilli like) with slow cooked beef in red wine and tomato sauce*

    • Starter £9.80 Main £ 13.90
  • Ravioli di cervo serviti nel sugo di cottura del cervo *

    Ravioli filled with venison served with the rich venison, red wine & tomato sauce *

    • Starter £9.80 Main £ 13.90
  • Gnocchi con carciofi, pecorino e crema di pinoli (v) *

    Potato gnocchi with Italian artichoke, pecorino cheese pine nuts cream (v) *

    • Starter £9.80 Main £13.90
  • Risotto ai funghi e taleggio (V)*

    Risotto (Carnaroli rice) with mixed mushrooms & taleggio cheese (V)*

    • Starter £9.80 Main £ 13.90
*Grated Grana cheese is sprinkled on the dish by the chef. Let us know when you order would you prefer not to have any cheese on top of your pasta.


  • Coscia d'agnello alla griglia servita con cavolo nero

    Chargrilled leg of lamb, served with black cabbage, chestnuts & walnuts, and a demi-glace sauce

    • £ 18.20
  • Faraona con prugne, servita con patate saltate

    Oven-baked guinea fowl with prunes, served with sauteed potatoes

    • £ 16.90
  • Branzino con lenticchie in umido e spinaci

    Pan-fried seabass fillet, served with lentils, spinach & creme fraiche

    • £ 16.90
  • Ippoglosso, cime di rapa e rapa bianca

    Pan-fried halibut fillet on a thick sauce of Puglian turnip tops , served with white turnips

    • £ 17.80


  • Mixed Salad

    • £ 4.00
  • Rocket and Parmesan Salad

    • £ 4.50
  • Spinach

    • £ 4.00
  • Sauteed potatoes

    • £ 4.00


  • Coppa 500

    Caramelized fresh figs served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream



    • £ 4.90
  • Panna cotta

    Rosemary flavoured panna cotta served with cooked pear and salty caramel sauce


    • £ 4.90
  • Tiramisù

    Italian trifle made with mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuits and coffee


    • £ 4.90
  • Vin Santo con Cantuccini

    Almond biscuits with glass of vintage Vin Santo

    • £ 7.50
  • Selezione di formaggi

    Selection of our Italian cheeses, served with Sardinian crispy bread & a northern Italian condiment made of candied fruits in mustard flavoured syrup (Mostarda di Cremona)


    • £ 7.40


Peanut butter & chocolate
Salty caramel
Gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut paste)
1 scoop £2.20 - 2 scoops £4.00 - 3 scoops £6.00

A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with an espresso shot £4.00
Affogato 500
A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with an espresso shot and coffee liqueur £5.90
Affogato gianduia
A scoop of gianduia ice cream topped with an espresso shot and Amaretto di Saronno liqueur £5.90


Passion fruit
Lime & mint

1 scoop £2.20 - 2 scoops £4.00 - 3 scoops £6.60

Please note that not all ingredients may not be mentioned on the dishes description.
Let us know of any allergy you may suffer from.
20% VAT are included on all prices
Service is NOT included in your bill unless party of 10 or more