Changes on our TAKEAWAY menu during lockdown

Our Takeaway menu during the lockdown will have a major change from our usual ‘a la carte’ menu. This special Takeaway menu will only have snacks, starters and pasta dishes. It is our choice not to stock fresh meat and fish that may have to be binned if unsold within two days from the day we receive it. This because we do not believe in freezing fresh meat/fish. We never did and never will. Therefore the decision of getting rid of the mains for the Takeaway menu for this lockdown. We hope you’ll understand and agree with our long discussed decision.

We teamed up with Deliveroo too to avoid you leaving the comfort of your home. Some dishes on our Deliveroo menu are little more expensive than our takeaway menu for obvious reasons such as Deliveroo’s fees for their service.

Takeaway menu


Bruschetta classica (v) £4
Classic bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic & basil (v)

Pizza fritta (v) £4.50
Deep-fried pizza filled with scamorza, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce (v)

Ravioli fritti (v) £4
Deep-fried ravioli filled with pecorino cheese and dried mint (v) portion of 4 ravioli

Olive “Belle di Cerignola” (v) £4

Bruschetta di fegato di pollo £4.50
Bruschetta of home-made chicken liver pate’


Burrata con castagne (v) £8.50
Creamy centre mozzarella with chestnuts (v)

Porchetta al tartufo nero £8.50
Black truffle flavoured porchetta
(Boneless, stuffed roasted pork)

Branzino marinato £8.50
BassLax (cured bass in salt and sugar)
served with fennel and grapefruit

Gamberi fritti £9
Deep-fried king prawns served on a bed of cannellini beans puree & nduja

Zuppa di sedano rapa e tartufo (v) £7.50
Thick & velvety soup of celeriac, potatoes, thyme and black truffle (v)


Strozzapreti al ragù di manzo £11.90
Fresh (fusilli like) pasta, with slow cooked beef in tomato sauce

Gnocchi con salsiccia e pesto £12.90
Home-made potato gnocchi with Italian sausage ragù, black cabbage pesto & pecorino cheese

Tagliatelle ai funghi (v) £12.10
Tagliatelle with fresh mushroom sauce (v)

Ravioli al taleggio e salsa di noci (v) £12.90
Home-made ravioli filled with taleggio cheese, served with walnut sauce (v)

Strozzapreti al ragù di agnello £11.50
Fresh (fusilli like) pasta with lamb ragù sauce

Tagliatelle al ragù di pesce e pesto di rucola £11.90
Tagliatelle with mixed fish ragù sauce and rocket pesto

Side of sautéed spinach £4

Side of sauteed potatoes £4

Mixed salad £4

Rocket & Parmesan salad £5


Tiramisu’ £5
Italian trifle made with mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuits drenched in coffee

Panna cotta £5
Rosemary flavoured panna cotta served with cooked pear and salty caramel sauce

Placing your order

On the phone
Just give us a call. Give us your order and most important we’ll need to know at what time you’ll be at the restaurant for the pick up.
What we want is that you get home with your food nice and hot. Timing is important. Once you arrive at the restaurant you’ll just need to pay and collect your food. Buon appetito.

020 7272 3406

Via email…
May result a little unusual but it can be a way to order your dinner too.
In your email give us:
1 – your order
2 – your name
3 – your mobile number
4 – your time of collection
We’ll confirm your order with email and text message

SMS too
With the SMS your mobile number will automatically be received with your message so, only give us your order, name and collection time.
In this case we’ll only confirm with a text message.


We’re open for takeaway
Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00 to 21:00


Please wait at the entrance and wait for a member of the staff to come to you.
If possible pay using contactless or card.