As a result of the new rules in risk assessment for the covid-19, we have no choice but restrict our "web offer" deal to only Fridays and Saturdays. While we used to be softer on timings and letting diners stay longer and still, pay for the web offer deal, from now on we'll need to be strict about this and as per "deal rules", by 8pm table MUST be free for the next customers. This because of social distance for which we had to get rid of several seats.

An early diner can choose to go for our Web Offer, which consist on making an early booking, the table MUST be free by 8:00 pm. If your table is booked you will receive your bill by 7:55 and we'll request your payment and the table back as per "Web offer" rules.
This offer is only available Fridays and Saturdays

You must let us know that you are willing to dine for our Web Offer when you're booking your table. It will not always be possible since Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions have forced us to do a big cut on tables and seats.
Would you be coming in without any booking you may not be able to eat at all.

This offer works with three fixed prices. You can choose from the main menu. Below are the options:

Pasta meal (2 courses)
1 starter and 1 pasta £18.50

Main meal (2 courses)
1 starter (or a pasta starter size) and 1 main course £22.00

Full meal (3 courses)
1 starter (or a pasta starter size) and 1 main course and 1 dessert £24.50

Any other extra and drinks will be charged as normal.
You can save up to 25% on your bill

Our Tagliere 500 can be included in our Web Offer with a supplement of £2.50.

Terms and conditions:
Tables must be booked in advance and web offer deal must be REQUESTED on the time of booking. It cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking that you will get a table for the Web Offer. Table must strictly be freed by 8pm for other customers. Would you still be at the table by 8 pm you may be asked to pay (if you haven't yet) and leave as we need to clean and sanitise the table for the next customers.