• Bianco Puglia

    Vineka, Puglia. Grape: Fiano, Chardonnay, white Malvasia. Vol 12%

    This wine from the Salento region has a pale yellow to green color. Lightly fruity with hints of flowers. Fresh & harmonious with plenty of flavour.

    • Price£ 22.00
  • Pecorino

    Cantina Ripa Teatina, Abruzzo. Grape: 100% Pecorino. Vol 12%

    Typical mineral acidity of a pecorino grape. Fresh, floral and fruity wine. Intense yet soft taste. Notes of acacia and honey on the palate

    • Price£ 25.00
  • Poesia Fiano

    Vinicola Mediterranea, Puglia. Grape: 100% Fiano. Vol 12.5%

    Grape is grown on a medium siture tending to a sandy soil, handpicked, immediately pressed and dripped, then fermented at controlled temperature. Flowery, fine and elegant.

    • Price£ 25.00
  • Pinot Grigio Collezione

    Pirovano, Veneto. Grape: 100% Pinot Grigio. Vol 12%

    Straw yellow with copper shades in color. The bouquet is intense and fruity,fine and elegant. On the palate it is soft and characteristic.

    • Price£ 26.00
  • Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi Classico

    Forteto San Leo, Marche. Grape: 100% Verdicchio. Vol 12.5%

    Pale straw in color with green tinges, fine and intense bouquet with hints offresh fruits and flowers. Dry, persistant and pleasant aftertaste of bitter almond.

    • Price£ 26.00
  • Ribolla Gialla

    Pitars, Friuli. Grape: 100% Ribolla gialla. Vol 12.5%

    The Ribolla gialla is a native grape of Friuli, pale yellow, with fragrant floral and fruity aromas recalling peach blossom and green apple. It has a characteristic dry and cool flavour, elegantly lemon fruited and persistent, with a slightly aromatic final.

    • Price£ 26.00
  • Grillo Terre Siciliane

    Andrero, Sicilia. Grape: 100% Grillo. Vol 13%

    The wine shows a brilliant greenish yellow color. The nose denotes intense, cleanand pleasing aromas of peach, pear and pineapple followed by aromas of hawthornapple and broom. Good body with intense flavours.

    • Price£ 28.50
  • Vermentino di Sardegna

    Alinos, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Vermentino. Vol 13.5

    The Sardinian Vermentino grape with a bit extra. A lovely citrus tone characterises the bouquet and fuller weight on the palate from being aged on its lees.

    • Price£ 31.00
  • Gavi di Gavi

    Il Bosco, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Cortese. Vol 13%

    This is an elegant Gavi, soft and delicate, although it has a lovely persistant bouquet onthe palate. Dry, fresh and persuasive taste. Full body.

    • Price£ 32.50
  • Meigamma Bianco Quarto

    Barbara & Giuseppe Pusceddu, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Vermentino. Vol 13%

    Meigamma is a Sardinian word which translates to "Siesta", but a lovely couple gave this name to their tiny winery in Villasimius, one hour drive from Cagliari. Organically grown grapes only, spontaneous fermentations, old barrels and no sulphur. 100% Vermentino with skin maceration during the entire fermentation process. Meigamma quarto undergoes spontaneous fermentation in steel vats and aging with the noble lees in used barrels.

    Deep yellow color with orange reflections. Fresh, intense with salty marine influences and bright acidity.

    Meigamma quarto is bottled unfined, unfiltered and with no added sulphur.

    • Price£ 39.80


  • Ramarro Syrah

    Terre delle Cicale, Sicilia, Grape: 100% Syrah. Vol 13%

    Intensive and brilliant red. Pleasant notes of berries and violets. Full-bodied, round and semi-dry.

    • Price£ 22.00
  • Sangiovese

    Bigi, Umbria. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 13%

    Ruby red color with parfumes of raspberries and violets. Full flavour and distinct scentsof red fruits. Pleasantly persistent aftertaste.

    • Price£ 23.00
  • Nero d'Avola


    Andrero, Sicilia. Grape: 100% Nero d'Avola. Vol 14% 

    Nero d'Avola from Mazzara del Vallo vineyards. It will age 8 months in oak barrels before ending in its actual bottle. Intense red with violet reflections. Intense aromas of preserved fruits and jam. Balanced and full bodied with a pleasant long finish.

    • Price£ 27.50
  • Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

    Fantello, Abruzzo. Grape: 100% Montepulciano. Vol 13.5%

    Full bodied. Aged in oak barrels, this wine is elegant on the palate and is nicelybalanced. Herbal tones with a fruity nose.

    • Price£ 28.50
  • Cannonau di Sardegna

    Alinos, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Cannonau. Vol 13.5%

    Intense ruby red color. The lively aroma has notes of full-bodied mature fruits.The taste is soft with light tannins, warm and velvety.

    • Price£ 31.00
  • Passo

    Vinicola Mediterranea, Puglia. Grapes: Negroamaro & Lambrusco. Vol 14.5%

    This is an extraordinarily captivating wine which literally flows like finest silk over the palate. The predominant fruit character is of black cherries, which though very ripe, are kept fresh by the combination of these two grapes natural acidity.

    • Price£ 31.00
  • Primitivo di Manduria

    Epicuro, Puglia. Grape: 100% Primitivo. Vol 14%

    Deep red ruby color with violets highlights. Intense and fragrant bouquet with a richvariety of ripe fruits, harmonious and velvety taste.

    • Price£ 33.00
  • Chianti Classico Riserva

    Sensi, Toscana. Grapes: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cannaiolo, 5% Colorino. Vol 13%

    With its deep red color, this wine has a rich ripe berryfruit aromas and flavours. Full bodied with great character.

    • Price£ 39.00
  • Nobile di Montepulciano

    Sensi, Toscana. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 13%

    It is one of the most important Tuscan red wines. It is produced around the ancient town of Montepulciano which has become famous around the world for this special wine. Made from Sangiovese grape, locally named Prugnolo Gentile, it has a deep red colour with orange shades, a mature taste and, thanks to its ageing in wood, some hints of vanilla.

    • Price£ 39.00
  • Gigino

    Barbanera, Toscana. Grapes: Sangiovese, Merlot, petit Verdot, Syrah. Vol 14%

    A super Tuscan red with a deep red color. Intense aroma of plums, blackberries a little vanilla, licorice, whit epepper and chocolate on the nose. Full on the palate with soft and ripe tannins with a persistent aftertaste. For over 80 years the Barbanera family has been dedicated to the production of high quality wines. In 2018 the Barbanera family created the Gigino 80 Anniversario Toscana to celebrate this important anniversary, Gigino was the nickname of Luigi Barbanera, son of the winery's founders.

    • Price£ 48.50
  • Cavaliere Sardo

    Cantina il nuraghe, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Bovale. Vol 15%

    This wine is of a great structure, rich in poliphenols with soft tannins and a high alcohol content. Intense ruby red, fruity with hints of ripe plums and wild berries. Dry, very sapid and properly tannic. Warm with a good texture, well balanced, quite intense and persistent.

    • Price£ 46.50
  • Barolo Poiana

    Cascina Radice, Piemonte. Grape: 100% Nebbiolo. Vol 14.5%

    Aged for three years in Slovenian oaks followed by 12 months in bottle. Ruby red in color, it is full bodied, robust but velvety and harmonious, it goes wellwith game and red meats.

    • Price£ 46.50
  • Chianti Classico Riserva La Selvanella

    Mellini, Toscana. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 14.5% 

    A great Chianti from Mellini winery in Tuscany. Deep dark ruby red. Complex bouquet in which aromas of ripe plums, raspberry, candied orange zest harmonise excellently with hints of spices. Well articulated and rich taste with polished tannin, full-bodied and progressive.

    • Price£ 46.50
  • Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore

    Tenute Salvaterra, Veneto. Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella. Vol 14%

    Valpolicella ripasso wines are  more complex than their regular Valpolicella counterparts, and are generally higher in tannins due to the "ripasso" production process. Tenute Salvaterra is a wine producer of the Veneto region for more than 30 years now. Amarone and Valpolicella Ripasso are their most successful wines. This is one of those. Elegant and refined wine with a beatiful ruby red color. Spicy with hints of matured red cherries and notes of wild berries. This Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore has a great personality and complexity, rich and deep on the palate.

    • Price£ 46.50
  • Negroamaro Emozione

    Vinicola Mediterranea, Puglia. Grape: 100% Negroamaro. Vol 14.5%

    Characteristic perfume of Shiraz, spicy, with delicate ntes of berries and blueberries, blend together with an elegant hint of vanilla. Velvet and persistent flavour. Elegantly harmonious with fruity notes

    • Price£ 52.50
  • 6 Mura Riserva

    Cantina Giba Srl, Sardegna. Grape: 100% Carignano del Sulcis. Vol 15%

    A very fully-bodied and concentrated Carignano del Sulcis made using fruit from ancient vines with a really low yield. Deep red ruby color, with powerful aromas and flavours full of mature red fruits and spices. Very elegant wine but austere, like the land where it comes from.

    • Price£ 55.50
  • Amarone della Valpolicella

    Corte Giona, Veneto. Grapes: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. Vol 15%

    Deep Garnet color. Aromas of chocolae and raisins with a supple, fruity yet drymedium to full body and spicy herbal grilled pepper, pine needle, cola nutand cocoa accented finish.

    • Price£ 56.00
  • Brunello di Montalcino

    Villa I Cipressi, Toscana. Grape: 100% Sangiovese. Vol 13.5%

    This great Brunello is stored in barriques for 24 months before being bottled where it will stay another 24 months. It is one of the few organic Brunello this winery produces. Intense shining ruby red color, fruity bouquet with good finesse and hints of ripe berries, black pepper, liquorice, elegant spices. It has an intense taste of red berries, vanilla with very well balanced tannins.

    • Price£ 86.50


  • Rosato Veneto NV

    Terre Passeri, Veneto. Grape: 100% Negroamaro. Vol 10.5%

    Obtained from Negroamaro grape, this wine has a dark color, inviting, slightly warm on the nose with a background of peach and spicestogether with a nice balanced acidity.

    • Price£ 21.00
  • Pinot Grigio Blush

    Pirovano, Veneto. Grape: 100% Pinot grigio. Vol 12%.

    Very bright pale pink color and a nose with very clean flowery aromas. The palate is fresh, dry, fruity and well rounded.

    • Price£ 27.00


  • Prosecco Santero

    Santero, Veneto. Grape: 100% Prosecco. 11.5% vol.

    Rich in aromas of sweet fruits, bright white flowers, and a dash of minerality. On the palate it is zesty and robust, notes of fresh apricots, crisp apple, tangy lemon and crunchy apple.

    • Price£ 29.80
  • Prosecco Sutto Brut

    Sutto, Veneto. Grape: 100% Glera. 11% vol.

    Brilliant straw-yellow color, subtle hints of peach and pear, perfume of wild flowers. A fresh and balanced flavour enriched by a thin and persistent perlage.

    • Price£ 31.50


£ 7.20

£ 6.80

£ 7.50

Vin Santo 2000
A fine dessert wine. From golden to amber.
Rich, complex with candied red fruits aromas. 17% vol.
Visciolata del Cardinale 2017
The art of infusion of ripe cherries and red wine. 14% vol.
Hermes Passito 2018
Excellent structure with intense and permanent taste for this Sardinian Passito. 14% vol.
Passito di Pantelleria 2018
Fragrant and delicate on the nose sweet and balanced on the palate. 13% vol.
Soave di Recioto 2013
Sweet and intense, characterized by floral notes of rose and lavender. 13.5% vol.
Krohn Port L.B.V Vintage 2012
Dark purple color, red fruits aromas.Full bodied round with persistent finish. 20% vol.

£ 6.40

£ 8.50

£ 6.50


£ 4.70 Amaro averna
£ 4.70 Amaro Montenegro
£ 4.70 Amaretto di Saronno
£ 4.70 Mirto di Sardegna
£ 4.70 Limoncello
£ 4.70 Sambuca


£ 4.80 Johnny Walker Black label
£ 4.80 Glenmorangie 10 yo
£ 5.50 Finlaggan Old Reserve


£ 8.60 Remy Martin 1738
£ 5.80 Vecchia Romagna Italian Brandy
£ 7.40 Armagnac Baron de Sigognac Riserva
£ 6.50 Calvados Berneroy VSOP
£ 6.80 Rum Barcelo Imperial

Grappa selection

£ 5.90 Prosecco Tasolini

£ 6.30 Nonino Tradizione 41
£ 6.70 Le Diciotto Lune Soft and dry
£ 6.70 Amarone Elegant and refined


£5.80 Tradizione 41Elegant, fresh and crystalline

Jacopo Poli

£ 7.80 Amorosa Vespaiolo. Pleasant & elegant
£ 7.80 MoscatoSmooth. Yellow fruits and orange blossom

Le Cantine del Cardinale

£ 7.00 Ammalia Intensely flavoured, yet very smooth and soft in the mouth. Cherries ensure it a distinctive almond aroma. (Distillate of Visciole cherries)