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Santero, Veneto. Grape: 100% Prosecco. 11% vol.
Prosecco Santero is a Prosecco wine produced in Veneto in the Treviso area. Glera grapes are used for the production of this Prosecco and they’re harvested around the end of September and taken to the cellar for a soft pressing. The must is clarified and inoculated with selected yeast for alcoholic fermentation that lasts for about 15 days at a constant temperature of 14 ° C that allows the yeast to better express the aromatic characteristics of the Glera grapes. After fermentation the wine remains in contact with the lees for a few months before the blend and the second fermentation that takes place in steel containers called autoclaves. In the autoclave, the wine is added of sugar and yeast that will lead (according to the Charmat method) the second fermentation that will form the bubbles that characterize the product. After about a month after bottling which is done in isobaric conditions to not lose the bubbles Prosecco Santero is released on the market.


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