Panettone Cioccolato e pepperoncino 1KG


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This unique recipe created for Vincenzo’s, made using dark chocolate chips and Italian chilli is a combination to die for. The heat from the chilli provides an irresistible warmth to the panettone and will bring out the taste of each chocolate chip in your palate.

As all the Vincenzo’s Panettoni, it will take two days for our artisans to prepare this Panettone with chocolate chips and chilli. Hand picked chillies from Calabria are expertly combined with dark chocolate chips. Here and where the magic happens, in your mouth, an explosion of spicy dark chocolate for each bite. Thanks to the expert hands of our artisans, the right amount of chilli will just give the perfect spiciness that will not put you off. Enjoy your slice of this Chocolate chip and chilli Panettone with a glass of sweet wine.

Vincenzo’s Panettone Chocolate chips and chilli    1KG

Price £33.50 each
“Take away after your meal” price £30 each

Book your table and let us know on the “Message to the restaurant” box, which Panettone you want to take back home with you and we’ll make sure we have it in stock on the day you’re coming for your meal.



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